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Clothing alteration services by ross-the-tailor

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Serving the Buckinghamshire area with over twenty years experience

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Offering top quality alterations by appointment only with work typically turned around in one to two weeks. Scroll down to see my prices and book a fitting appointment or submit an enquiry. You can also visit my Google profile to see what my customers have kindly been saying about my services.

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With over twenty years experience in tailoring and alterations in the Buckinghamshire area, I provide advice, professional fitting and a wide variety of alteration services to my clients.
Whether you are preparing for a wedding, repairing work wear or revamping an old favourite, Ross the Tailor can help you look and feel great.

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Trouser shortening £16.00

Trousers waist reduction or expansion £16.00

Jeans waist reduction £22.00

Trouser taper £24.00-£34.00

Fly zip replacement £18.00


Skirt shortening from £20.00

Skirt shortening with lining layer + 50% of charge per layer

Skirt waist reduction or expansion £18.00

Skirt seams taper £24.00-£34.00

Placket zip replacement £18.00

Concealed zip replacement £22.00-£30.00

General Alterations

Fastening – new jeans stud, buttons or hook and bar £4.00

Jacket zip replacement £36.00

Seam and tear repairs from £7.50


Shirt sleeves shortening - £18.00

Shirt taper – sides and sleeves £24.00

Shirt collar reversal £18.00

Shirt shortening - £16.00


Sleeve shortening £34.00

Seams taper at centre back £24.00

Seams taper at sides/darts £24.00-£34.00

Jacket length shortening £60.00

Bridesmaid alterations (Wedding dresses not undertaken)

Bridesmaid dress shortening (assuming two layers of fabric) £65.00

Bodice side seams tapered £40

Straps lifted £20

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Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Please note that the submission form below is for queries - the button above is for bookings.

Thank you very much for getting in touch.

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